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Dutch Dream Farm imports and sells exclusive dressage horses from Europe. A customized approach leads to finding that special horse with in depth knowledge and familiarity of the European market and culture. Dressage training and lessons are available for clients to familiarize themselves with their new dressage partner, as well as for clients who already have an existing partnership with their horse. 

It is possible to stay at Dutch Dream Farm as well and enjoy the amenities and beauty of our farm and surroundings.

The Horses

Uzeo SSF, dark bay 2001 KWPN (Zeoliet x Jazz x Roemer) aka "Bubba"

Bought as a foal (from a video where he was just 2 weeks old), this horse came to me at 7 months old. He was the first foal from the mare Orchis SSF, owned by Scot Tolman from Shooting Star Farm in New Hampshire. I liked her breeding line, as it led back (grandmother) to the mare Charitas (sired by Roemer) which was owned by Gerard Vervoorn in Holland. Charitas is the mother of Exquis Nadine, the mare that has been very succesfull at the international circuit with Hans Peter Minderhoud. Charitas is also the mother of Orchis SSF, and thus the grandmother of Uzeo.

Of course, all this was not yet playing at the time when I bought Uzeo, but I really liked the mare line behind him and then years later Exquis Nadine became a very famous Charitas offspring.

Uzeo has only participated in two shows in his life, one at Fourth Level and one at Prix St. George. He has come a long way, as he was not always the easiest horse to train when he was younger, mostly due to him being sensitive to his surroundings. A true "delicate flower" as someone once mentioned, paired with a well developed sense of justice. Over the years though, with patience and dedication, he has really become a great participant in the team rider and horse. He gives his best even when things get tougher and is 100% honest toward his rider. His ground manners have always been impeccable, and he is an incredibly interactive and intelligent fellow with a great sense of humor. He really talks with you, and he does have a lot to say. A very special individual, a true character with personality plus.

February 2011. Photo credit: Herb Schmoell

Bubba winter 2012/2013 with Zebu Eve. He is always interactive with humans as well as animals.

Versailles, black 2012 Westfalian (Glock's Voice x Delphi x Polany) aka "Mr. V." 

Versailles came to the farm as a long yearling. He was imported in December 2013. Versailles' sire, Glock's Voice is the international Grand Prix stallion ridden by Edward Gal. Voice is sired by de Niro. Versailles' dam has produced a three year old National Reserve Champion mare at the Westfalian Elite Mare Championships and another offspring of her was a Subli Cup winner, sold before she could participate in the finals with qualification to Verden. 

He is an incredibly elastic athletic boy at 17 hands. With a deep voice resembling the singer Barry White, he is a cool cucumber, a very confident horse in every way. He is been ridden very lightly, and exposed to a wide variety of things.

Mr. V stand .jpg

Mr. V. getting some rest in the Spring of 2014. Houdini has a watchful eye in the background.

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