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Dutch Dream Farm imports and sells exclusive dressage horses from Europe. A customized approach leads to finding that special horse with in depth knowledge and familiarity of the European market and culture. Dressage training and lessons are available for clients to familiarize themselves with their new dressage partner, as well as for clients who already have an existing partnership with their horse. 

It is possible to stay at Dutch Dream Farm as well and enjoy the amenities and beauty of our farm and surroundings.

Our truly mini miniature stallions

Registered American Miniature Stallions standing at stud

"Happy Times Storms Lil' Rebel"

Next to the Warmbloods, we also have one registered AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) Miniature horse stallion.  Happy Times Storms Lil' Rebel (aka Rebel),  was born in 2011 and he was a 3 year old Reserve Champion at only 26" tall. He has great bloodlines and with his 4 white socks and interesting color he is as eye catching as they come.  He is available for outside breeding. Contact me for breeding info.

Lil' Rebel in the Spring of 2014

Meet Lil' Rebel. He is a super tiny fully registered buckskin pinto AMHA miniature horse stallion and all of 26 inches of pure "studness". He is not a baby, this is pretty much his adult full grown size. He is full of himself and definitely considers himself the big guy, no small-man-complex here!

The famous Sids Rebel (31" tall) is Lil' Rebel's great grandsire

-SOLD- "Little Kings Echo in Dutch Dream" aka "Houdini". Now living the good life with his happy new owner in New Hampshire!

"Houdini" 2 years old, natural look = straight from the field, only body clipped, but no make up or color enhancements used

"Houdini" has moved to New Hampshire where he joined his excited new owner! Here is the new owner's testimonial:

"I met Rianne when I by chance saw a picture of the most enchanting mini horse "Houdini" on her website, and had to have him. I never owned a horse and Rianne wanted him to go to a farm as a stud horse. After some persistent calls I now have Houdini with me. She also brokered another beautiful mini as his companion.
Working with Rianne is not only smooth going but also a lot of fun.
She is incredibly knowledgeable on everything "horses",  and even after the horse is at your home she is always available to help with a question or issue. For me as a beginner horse owner this is invaluable and highlights how responsible and conscientious she is towards her clients and horses.
Rianne is a gem in the horse field."

New Hampshire


Thank you for giving him the very best home! That is exactly what I wanted for this little man! 


This little guy, "Little Kings Echo in Dutch Dream" aka "Houdini", is a carbon copy of his World famous dad; "Little Kings Buck Echo", sired by the one and only "Boones Little Buckeroo" . His mother is out of "Little Kings Psyched Up Buck", who is a multi World Champion stallion himself sired also by "Boones Little Buckeroo". So double bred to Buckeroo lines to ensure the wonderful traits of this once in a life time miniature horse to pass on to generations to come. These bloodlines are incredible. 

As for this little stud, he is 3 years old, a beautiful buttermilk buckskin (the pictures are of him without make up or any other color enhancements, straight from the field, only bodyclipped), measuring under 30" and full of "Echo Attitude". Everywhere he goes, he demands the attention of everyone around and puts smiles on faces. He has beautiful electric movement, with knee and hock action galore. You cannot miss this little man! 

He is always wanting attention and when working the big horses, he wants to be next to be worked with! Loves to be groomed and bathed. Always comes up to me in the field and he currently is out part of the day with a 4 year old mini stud, getting along great. He is stabled for the other part of the day, without any problem, right next to another stallion. Easiest horse to de-worm on the farm, don't even have to put a halter on!

The last I have seen, Little Kings Buck Echo's breeding fee was a well justified $2500. Here is the opportunity to buy these direct bloodlines and have him pass the genes in your own mare band. Cross him next year with your bigger mares to ensure a very correct under size horse with unbelievable bloodlines, color, conformation, gaits and show attitude. 

I really want him to go to a farm where his beauty and big outgoing personality is admired and appreciated. He is an amazingly intelligent individual and he deserves his own breeding career. We have raised him well and are now preparing him to move on to the next stage in his life: to become a breeding or show stallion. Since we do not own any miniature mares, we are looking for a home where he can enter into a breeding career and pass on his desirable genetics. Please contact us for further details. -SOLD-

"Houdini" April 2015 at two years old and 28" (70 cm) tall. Photo credit: Esmeralda Dobber

"Houdini" when he came off the truck arriving at Dutch Dream Farm in 2013.

Here is Little Kings Echo in Dutch Dream aka "Houdini" loving his ball. Houdini is a buttermilk buckskin Miniature colt sired by the smallest AMHA World Show Grand Champion Little Kings Buck Echo who is by the famous Boones Little Buckeroo. Houdini combines his small size with attitude or "Echotude" those who know Buck Echo would say.

Houdini's sire: Little Kings Buck Echo. Photo credit Little Kings Farm

Houdini's dam's sire: Little Kings Psyched Up Buck. Photo credit Little Kings Farm

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